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water+yoga creates a culture of inspiration, contribution and adventure through yoga, meditation and SUP yoga classes, as well as remote retreats. It is a space to heal, evolve, nurture, and de-stress. Students get a vacation experience at every touchpoint of their experience.



WATER IS my safe place.
my now.

I fell in love with yoga by accident. It’s been a constant in my life for 8 years. I love teaching and sharing this beautiful practice with others. My goal is to show people how to be in the now and to be present within their bodies. When I’m not practicing or making corny jokes while I teach, you can find me hiking, in the gym, traveling, reading a good book on the beach, or hanging out with my family and friends.



WATER IS my peace.
my passage.

My heart + center of my being is Bill, Scarlett + Sienna. They inspire, challenge, push me forward and always make me want to be better. My passions include all things Ayurveda, Astrology and Asana. Incorporating these practices has significantly shifted my perception on life. Water has always held a captivating, cleansing power over me bringing me peace and surrender. Yoga has deeply impacted every part of my life, changing my whole trajectory. It has lifted me out of dark places, shown me my light, cracked open my heart, and given me true connection.


WATER IS my playground.
my presence.

I love all things water! Surfing, paddling, paddle surfing, stand up paddle yoga. Exploring different ways to experience the water excites me, and sharing those experiences with Ash, our kids and my friends is just flat out fun. My water + yoga practices balance me as I spend most days working from home managing a global team of business & technology specialists, but always taking moments to daydream about the ocean and waves.

See you on Aloha Friday!



WATER IS my current.
my electricity.

I am a registered dietitian and have a playful, kind heart. I’m an explorer - of the earth, body, and mind. Being spontaneous and strategic, I value my ability to choose to dance through life. I’m an animal lover & a vegan, a dog mom and a beach babe. I believe nothing is impossible & failure is simply an opportunity. I have a playful curiosity and a foundational spark on and off my mat, continually working on shimmying out of my shell. Meet me on the mat for power and peace.



WATER IS my ease.
my strength.

Born as a Cancer, I've always felt connected to water. Naturally, summer is my favorite season, spending most of my time at the beach or outside exploring. Many significant events in my life seem to revolve around the summer- I met the love of my life, both of our birthdays, our labradoodle Flynn’s birthday, we bought a home, and now the birth of our incredible son, Hunter.



WATER IS my cleansing.
my grounding.

Outside of the studio I am a 4th grade teacher, wife, and dog mom. I love being outside and seek new adventures as often as I can. Some of my favorite pastimes include lounging on the beach, rock climbing, running and riding my bike on the boardwalk and happy hour with friends. If given the opportunity, I take my dog, Frankie, with me wherever I go.



WATER IS my life’s work.
my freedom.

My passion for the water started in a land-locked state at a young age watching nerdy TV shows about the ocean, but here I am, just your friendly resident marine scientist. I turned toward yoga on a self-made promise to learn something new and uncovered freedom, fulfillment and lightness. In my classes, I seek to give you the creative freedom to let go of your inhibitions, the guidance to step into your fullness and the connection to find yourself and your people. Outside of the studio, you can find me hunting for elevation to hike or climb, turning a patch of earth green or cooking for the ones I love.



WATER IS my adventure.
my space.

I am a laid back, active, adventure seeker who loves yoga, running, exploring new places and spending time with friends and family (especially in the kitchen, Mangia!) As an educator, my passion is spreading mindfulness and yoga to our youth. Water ignites my passions and soothes my soul. Growing up at the beach I feel that water is a symbol of my adventures and my journey. The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea. Yoga is time for me to slow down my thoughts and strengthen my mind and body. Yoga has taught me acceptance and brought me connection and support.

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WATER IS my serenity.
my expression.

I am me. I am fierce when the moment strikes. I learned my limits and how I am limitless. I create what I seek. I love beyond measure. Living at the beach with our new baby girl, Josie, has us breathing in the fresh salt air, wiping sand from our toes, and soaking in the beauty of ocean. Our little family loves being outside, taking strolls, exploring, and being with family&friends. Weekend mornings we spend sipping lattes and relaxing at our favorite little cafe. There was a time I wished, prayed, and dreamt of everything I have now. I am a new mommy, wife, daughter, sister, and middle school education teacher. A true child of the ocean.


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